Sorry guys! Wayward Starfish is not currently making any men's styles. Believe me, as a man I am bothered by this more than you are. But the fact is that you men wear the most boring-ass clothes imaginable. No, I cannot sew a T-shirt or a sweatshirt. No, I cannot sew a sports jersey, no matter how cool you think your team is. And let's face it, you wouldn't wear much else. Sadly, our culture has taught us that nearly all visual features that a garment can have - except those with specific associations with sports or warfare - look feminine.

Every now and then I meet a man like myself who doesn't want to wear plain stuff. If you think you are one of these men, please ask yourself how much clothing you actually buy, because even if your tastes are different from a typical man's, your shopping habits may not be. In my experience, most of you actually only buy a new piece of clothing once every five years, and you still expect to pay $15 for it.

If after reading this you really really really want to see Wayward Starfish try a men's line, send me an email with the subject "men's email list" and when I have heard from at least 100 of you, we'll talk!

Admittedly it's been a while since I made anything remotely like a batik octopus onesie, but this video from 2012 will still answer many of your most important questions, such as why my business isn't called Enantiodromic Starfish!